Monday, February 16, 2015


I decided since I was married, it's not really all about me anymore. Javi and I have a new blog!

We'll update the new one more than this one ever was, I promise! Plus, there will be baby pictures soon!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Engaged! (and my year catch up)

Amy and I 
Woo! With only 12 days to go. I guess it's time I update my blog.  So- since last May, I got a job at a hospital down in Arizona, loved the summer there swimming every day, moved in with my friend Amy and her family, then moved into my own place in August. I absolutely loved living in Arizona and met so many great people, and made SUCH great friends.  We had our group who could do anything together and still have a blast. I was able to come home for Christmas and see my new niece Kassidy.  She's a doll- and I got to spend time with the whole family which was great.
My little Jensley 
Who's who!? (I'm on the left in my mermaid outfit, Ryker on the right, a friend pointed out how similar we look haha)
Our first time Skyping :)
Sweet baby Kassidy and I
Rock the superhero snuggling baby Kassidy

The celebratory cake Amy and her family got me for my job
My Arizona girlfriends! 
Cousin Joel left on his mission and I was able to surprise him for his farewell
I was on babysitting duty and this little booger found the flour drawer pretty quickly
This is a typical Ryker pose

 I was also able to go to the open house for the Gilbert Temple.  It was gorgeous. My favorite part of the temple has always been the eternity mirrors.  I distinctly remember going through the open house for the Columbia River temple with some of my family and having the tour guide explain the significance. It was pretty special for me. So, remember that. :)

My good friend Javier came home from his mission in December.  Home happened to be in Australia. Before his mission we had hung out every day and became best friends, knowing he was going on a mission. We wrote throughout his mission about missionary experiences or scriptures, nothing mushy. Once he was back, we Skyped and talked on the phone, with plans to meet up in Provo in January.  I happened to have a week off of work and so it worked out perfectly.  I flew up and I loved getting to see him again.  He's so great.  We went to Awful Waffle and talked for a few hours, which has never been a problem for us. After the first weekend we both decided we wanted to keep seeing what happened, and since my schedule was a lot more flexible, I was able to fly up at least every other week.  If I had more than 3 days off in a row I was in Provo.  The subject of marriage was brought up one night while we were walking around Provo.  I had gotten to know Javier as a friend and have so much love and respect for him, and I knew he would be a great husband, and eventually a great dad for our children.  I had no doubts about what my answer would be.  He got a job working to get a ring, and we kept Skyping and talking every chance we got.

 On Friday, March 7, Javier brought up the ring.  He kept asking if it was important to me to have, if it was maybe okay if we got married without having an engagement ring.  Little did I know he had already bought it! The next night he was talking about taking me on a "creative" date.  So I was prepared for different.  First we went to dinner at the last place we had gone together before he left.  After that we went to the Provo temple, where we would always sit and talk before his mission.  He asked if I wanted to walk around the back where there was a pretty little garden place.  I agreed and we started walking back, and part way there I saw two big mirrors set up facing each other.  In my mind, this was his idea of a creative date because I didn't know he had the ring. haha looking back I don't know how I didn't pick up on that, but it made the surprise that much better! We then walked between the mirrors and talked for a while, and then he read a part of his Patriarchal blessing regarding his future wife (that's me!).  I was getting teary eyed because it was very sweet, but was very surprised when he knelt down. He pulled out the ring and before he said anything, I blurted out YES! haha he asked and I again answered yes, and we kissed and hugged and got to call our parents, who were not at all surprised because he had already had the talk with my dad.
The mirrors, after we were engaged (Whit and Stewart, along with their two friends set up the mirrors and hid and took pictures for Javier, I owe them a HUGE thank you!!!)

A picture Whit snuck of Javi proposing :)
Finding a place and time took a little planning.  His family is currently in Australia, so instead of flying my family all the way out there, or having to send his whole family here, we compromised, and decided on Hawaii. :) No one complained with that choice! So next Thursday we fly out to Honolulu and will be sealed in the Laie Hawaii Temple. I love this boy more than I can really express, and am so grateful for the example he is to me.  He definitely puts up with a lot (I cry like my mom), and is a genuinely great person who makes me be my best self, and it doesn't hurt that he is referred to by my guy friends in Arizona as "Javi the Hottie". We are beyond excited and I can't wait to start eternity with my best friend. :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whit's Wedding!

Way back in March I went up to Utah to help throw Whit's bridal shower for college friends.  It was so fun! She got great gifts and it was tons of fun spending time with her.

Then a month later (I don't have pictures to prove I did anything during the month of April before the wedding, so it's like nothing happened then! I really made some awesome friends and we hung out every day, but no one actually takes pictures...I'll work on it!) I went to Utah for the wedding! It was so fun.  I'm incredibly blessed to have the family I do, and here is my family for now! 

A few weeks later I drove to Washington for the Manson reception and Apple Blossom.  This is the sign that was waiting for me on the door when I got home.  Rock made sure to ask if I knew what that said.  I'm the proud aunt that taught him how to spell! :)

We got right to work making homemade apple cider.  SO good.  It did feel weird to be making cider and not be freezing, because we usually make it in November, but it was just as good! 

This kid is a character. Seriously, he's always in costume.  His imagination is amazing to me haha. He can even talk in his "Batman" voice, which sounds pretty dang accurate.  

So now I'm back in Arizona, more job interviews and having fun. I am loving it here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have LOVED the last couple months in Phoenix!

 In February I ran the Ragnar Relay with family and had a blast.  The house was crazy with people sleeping everywhere and at random times, but I loved the chaos.  I never thought I'd go running at 4 am in the middle of the desert, but seeing the outlines of the cactus against the moon was definitely a cool sight while I was all alone. I got to hang out with Whit all weekend so that was an added bonus!

The week after Ragnar my dad, Aaron, KC, Nick, and Rock came down for their annual Mariners' Spring Training trip.  I was lucky enough to get to spend the entire time with them. I love my family!

My friend Ashley had a birthday and took the day off of work, so we went with Wendy and got pedicures, had lunch, and I swam while they lounged by the pool.  I got multiple warnings by people there not to get in the pool because it was so cold, but it was 90ish degrees outside and the pool was warmer than Lake Chelan in August, so it was still warmer than what I was used to!

Joel just left yesterday morning, and I miss having him here already.  I'm so grateful to have a cousin so close in age. He got to meet some of my friends and stayed up until who knows when just talking like we always did growing up.  I love this kid.

Last Saturday I went hiking with a couple friends and realized that Arizona hiking is a LOT more rocky than in Utah and Washington! It felt like a freaking stair climber the whole time. Ha I'm excited to try some more hiking trails here soon though!

Next weekend I get to make a trip up to Utah and I can't wait to see more of my friends and family.  I feel so incredibly blessed in life right now!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Small Things

I was lucky enough to be able to be home for Christmas for about three weeks and I loved every second.  It made it so much harder to leave though.  I love the little ones at home.  Rock and I went sledding a bunch in our "sledding park" and even invited the rest of the family out to experience the ride. I seriously love these kids more than anything right now. They are the best.

I'm so incredibly grateful for my family.  I honestly feel blessed every single day to be born into the family I was.  As I've been away from home and see more things, I realize more and more that not everyone is as lucky as I am.  Having such great support is definitely something that I will never take for granted.

Just a warning, this part gets long, and probably kinda gross. Read on if you want!

I flew back into Arizona on Saturday night, and then on Tuesday morning at 4 am I woke up with an awful pain in my right side.  I've become pretty good at recognizing kidney stone pain and knew that's what it was. I took some meds that I had from the doctor from my last one and waited for the pain to go away.  It didn't. I called my mom at about 5 am because who doesn't want their parents when they feel sick? haha She told me to go to the ER and get it fixed.
 I woke up Janae (sorry!) and she was able to take me right in.  They asked me the usual questions, and finally got me in.  They blew a vein in my arm which gave me a pretty sweet bruise, and Janae was having a hard time with the needles, which didn't bother me at all. haha They finally got an IV in and started the morphine and fluids.  I waited for the pain to go away. It didn't.  It was so awful, I couldn't get comfortable in any position.  I think they thought I was a drug seeker, saying the morphine wasn't working. haha I also couldn't pee when they wanted me to give them a sample.
 I had a CT scan and the doctor came and talked to me about it when the results were in, and told me it was a teeny tiny stone and I shouldn't even feel it, and that there was a weird pressure behind it.  They kept me on a regular schedule of morphine, even though it was doing absolutely nothing for the pain.  Finally after 4 hours a new doctor came to see me and gave me Motrin and Flomax.  It was the greatest haha. I could literally feel the pee fill my bladder and relieve the pain. It was so great. The doctor came in after the meds and commented that I actually looked human now. I gave them my sample and waited for the results and then we were free to go.  I got sent home with a nice toilet hat to pee into and a strainer.  So lovely. Then the doctor and nurse went on to tell me how I probably wouldn't even notice the stone because it was so small and if it didn't pass that day it would definitely pass the next.
I had instructions to see a urologist, and was able to get in two days later.  The stone still hadn't passed, but I wasn't in pain like I was before, mostly just at night when I wasn't constantly drinking water. He made me feel way better about my pain, explaining that the CT scan doesn't always get all the stone, it could have cut some off and that most likely it was bigger than they thought. He got me set up with some awesome tests to figure out what it causing these dang stones, and a follow up appointment.  Then sent me home to pass this sucker.  Well, I waited. And I waited. And I waited. A week went by. Then finally by the next Friday I woke up at about 5 with a very sharp pain.  I peed and YAY! I saw my little stone. So happy to get it out of me! It's not a large stone by any means, but definitely bigger than they told me it would be! And it's poky. So, now I get to finish up all the tests and see why I'm the lucky recipient of these gifts. Hopefully I find something out to stop them!
I completely understand the scripture, "That by small and simple things are great things come to pass."

Sorry if you read all that, I just wanted to get it down in writing. :) Weird I know.  Life is good right now, enjoying the 75 degree days and sun right now.  Excited to see what else happens down here!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life's Blessings

Two weeks ago I got a phone call that my good friend Anna had passed away.  It is heartbreaking to me. We had met up with her and her husband for lunch at The Oyster last August. It was SO good to catch up with her, and I'm thankful that they took the time to come meet us.  She was definitely someone who could make anyone laugh, and although we lived across the country from each other, it felt like no time had passed when we saw each other last. Yesterday while going through my old journal I found a note she had written to me from when we lived together talking about our jokes. When I read it I can just picture her talking and laughing. I definitely miss her. 

On Monday I got this picture of the sunset from Elder Ascanio in Chile with this message: 
"After a day of walking not being able to enter any houses, it's incredible how our Father in Heaven shows His love for us by placing this incredible sunset as we were walking up a hill." 

I was driving from Utah back to Arizona today and got to be witness to one of the most beautiful sunsets.  The picture taken with my cell phone does NOT do it justice at all.  The blue was a gorgeous baby blue and the pink in the clouds was amazing.  It just reminded me that Heavenly Father is there, looking out for us, showing us His love every day if we look for it.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So I moved to Arizona the middle of September.  It was about 110 the first week I was here (according to my car) and it was HOT.  It's cooling down, and today is only 86, which feels pretty cool.  Who would have ever thought that I would be cold at 80 degrees? I'm staying with my cousin Janae and her family and I love it. I've found more than one picture her girls have left me hidden somewhere in my room.  They are tons of fun to play with, and I'm VERY thankful to them for letting me stay with them.

My dad drove down with me and we stopped and saw everyone for a day in Provo.  It was good to see everyone, weird that I wasn't staying though. We were going to stop by and see the Grand Canyon but it was POURING rain so we decided to do it a different time. Kellie and I decided to drive to California the first weekend I was here to go to Disneyland.  It was tons of fun spending time with her and playing at Disneyland. I seriously feel like a kid when I go there.

Other than that I've just been looking for a job, going to the young single adult activities and finding all the free/cheap deals at the local shooting ranges.  There is a place here where on Fridays they have Ladies' Night (but it's all day).  They have free handgun rental, free lane rental, the only thing you pay for is ammo.  It's pretty sweet.  I like the indoor one because you get to use the fun targets where they move with the push of a button. haha It's a stupid reason I know, but it's fun. There is an outdoor range here that has free skeet shooting for women on every other Thursday night.  I went last week and LOVED it. It was so fun. I've got some of my friends to go with me next time too.

It's Olivia's birthday on Wednesday and Emily and I have been planning her present for a while now.  I got a sewing machine for my birthday (thank you mom and dad!) and have used it pretty much everyday.  We decided to make a quilt for Olivia.  We picked out fabric and came up with a pattern together, and it's the first quilt that I've made without any help.  It's obviously not perfect, but I actually really liked quilting it.  I'm excited to work on my skills.

I know there is probably a lot more that I missed, but that's it for now.  Arizona is going great and I'm meeting a lot of fun people, so hopefully I get a job soon so I can stay!